We are proud to announce we have an updated and upgraded Drug Awareness Program!!



The ASA Staff runs programs throughout the school year to teach drug prevention to the youth of Arkansas. There is a program designed for K-3, 4-6th, and 7-8th . If your school or organization is interested in having the team do a program in your area please contact the Association. With the help of your Sheriff, the ASA strives to reach out and help the youth in our great state make the right choice to JUST SAY NO!


It's Smart NOT to Start 

It's Smart NOT to Start is a program utilized by the ASA to teach children about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs of abuse. Junior Deputy Nick (mascot), and the It's Smart NOT to Start lecturers travel throughout Arkansas presenting programs to kindergarten through sixth grade students. Junior Deputy Nick speaks to over 10,000 children each year. This information focuses on educating these students about the effects and consequences of drug use. 

If you would like for the ASA Staff and Junior Deputy Nick to come to your school, please contact The Arkansas Sheriffs' Association.

Also, be sure to check out our Youtube page. https://youtu.be/mbg3w2Zw9cE